Free SAT/ACT and Q&A with Applerouth

Test Drive the SAT and ACT with Applerouth + Ask us Anything About Test Prep

What if you could test drive the SAT and ACT, then ask a test prep expert anything? Now you can. Dr. Jed Applerouth and his team have answers to all your questions and more, including:

  • Which test should I take?
  • When should I take the test?
  • How many times should I take the test?
  • How do I increase my score and what's a good score?
  • How much do scores matter at test-optional colleges?

To sign up for this "ask us anything (about test prep)" webinar, sign up from the selection of practice tests below. We encourage students to take one of each test - the SAT and the ACT - if they've never taken one before. Upon registering for the practice tests, you'll automatically be enrolled in the webinar on Wednesday, September 8th at 8:30 PM EDT. Information is power, so get everything you need to ace the tests! Please submit any questions for Jed ahead of time through this form.

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Saturday, Aug. 21

Saturday, Aug. 28

Practice SAT
9am ET

Practice ACT
at 2pm ET

Practice ACT
at 9am ET

Practice SAT
at 2pm ET

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Wednesday, Sept. 8
All Your SAT and ACT Questions, Answered, with Dr. Jed Applerouth
at 8:30pm ET
You'll automatically be enrolled in the webinar once you register for a practice test above.